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If you would like to help by translating this page into Spanish,
please email matt@factionoffools.org!

Download 2014 Participant Logo HERE

2014 Commedia dell'Arte Day Scenari
The following four scenari are available for use free of charge for Commedia dell'Arte Day.
Please credit the author if you use one of these for your performances or classes.

Declaration of Love - by Maestro Antonio Fava - Download
The Love Machine - by Faction of Fools - Download
The Narrow Defile - by Barry Grantham - Download
La Crisis - by Felipe Cabezas - Download

Petition by the Italian cultural association SAT for recognition of
Commedia dell'Arte as "Intangible Cultural Heritage."

At your events, please collect signatures from participants and audiences.
Completed petition forms can be mailed to SAT at the address indicated.

Faction of Fools' Commedia dell'Arte Curriculum Guide

Message from Dario Fò [Italiano] for Commedia dell'Arte Day
Feel free to read or distribute this message at your events.  In it, Sig. Fò writes about the changes in European theatre brought about by the spread of Commedia troupes from Italy in the 1500-1600s.